Walk Without Fear - a specialized course just for women taught by a former Police Officer, Body Guard and Security Expert, Ross McLean.  Learn the secrets of what to see and do to protect yourself in this tactical and practical exclusive classroom experience.  Fathers book course for your daughters or wife.  Women book for yourself and bring a friend (its best way to learn).  Mothers, come with your daughters - learn the skills to observe - avoid & protect your most precious gift, you're Spirit and right to live safely.  Submit your name and email to learn about upcoming seminars Spots are limited.   - Just use the Contact Form below to join or find out more information.

"I found the seminar very informative and helpful in dealing with many safety situations"  

"This seminar if very good and it will be beneficial to all women"

"I found I learned a lot of new things on how to handle myself at night"

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Interview CBC The National on Small Knives Allowed Back on Planes - The Risk?

CBC The National Interview - Knives on Planes

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